Xiaomi YI Ultra Dash Camera - Black

Xiaomi YI Ultra Dash Camera - Black

Xiaomi YI Ultra Dash Camera - Black
Xiaomi YI Ultra Dash Camera - Black
Manufacturer Xiaomi
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Product details

  • Brand name: Xiaomi
  • Model: Xiaomi YI Ultra Dash Camera - Black
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Product description

2.7K Resolution
Displays exceptional image quality
Twice as clear as 1080p resolution, it can provide detailed images when you need it most.
Nano Processing Technology
2.7K quality guaranteed
The A17 1.25GHz + A7 800MHz dual-core chip has a built-in Neon acceleration, with an integrated high-speed FPU processing unit. By using the 28nm process of advanced technology, the chip power consumption is lower and provides a better performance.
H.264 Encoding Technology
Reduces 2.7K file size
With H.264 high compression ratio coding technology, it can effectively reduce the load and latency on the memory to easily store high resolution 2.7K videos.
2.7-inch Widescreen
Not too big, not too small. Just right.
2.7 inches is the perfect size for a car dash camera. Without blocking your field
of view, it provides a vivid vision of the road ahead. The 4 buttons and intuitive
interface makes it easy to navigate through for drivers of all ages.
140° Wide-angle
Three lane coverage, without distortion.
140° is the most ideal field of view; it can comfortably cover 3 lanes without lens distortion meaning you can see more, without losing the details.
Voice Control
You command, it obeys.
The AI voice command technology made by YI makes voice control easy and efficient. It currently supports video recording and emergency image capture, with more capabilities coming in future firmware updates.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
YI Ultra Dash Camera has low light sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode, giving it exceptional performance even in dim environments. The high quality full resolution 4 million WDR video keeps the crisp, high contrast and accurate details.
Honeycomb-design Ventilation
Inspired by luxury
The camera adopts the elegantly practical honeycomb-design ventilation. It ensures your YI
Ultra Dash Camera has a stable performance even in the hot summer seasons.