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Lenses - Camera lenses’ prices vary depending on the model and its quality, viewing distance and compatibility with different cameras. That’s why when you buy  lenses for a camera, make sure that the lens you choose is relevant to your camera. While choosing a product that is suitable for the structure and format will be one of the most accurate options for you. However, if the lenses are not appropriate to camera , the camera will hold the sensor dimensions smaller than the image format.

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Lenses  - Lens models have a wide range of functions, due to the focus and zoom range. Optical zoom lenses will make your job easy to manage for you with its different functions. It is possible to easily control the movements of people and vehicles in a certain area with the zooming feature. The zoom function provides clearer vision of people or vehicles. According to many professional photographers’ choices, lenses play an important role in better luminosity,effectivity and accuracy