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You may find it relaxing to play video games in your leisure time. You may also have a fetish for playing the latest versions of video games with your friends at the comfort of your home. Before getting the games, it is important for you to find out the ratings. The latest versions of video games are available for:

  • ·         XBOX
  • ·         XBOX ONE
  • ·         PC
  • ·         Switch
  • ·         PlayStation 4

At Mimelon, all the latest versions of your favorite video games are available. We also have installation services. We set up the game at your home for you to enjoy your gaming sessions with your friends.

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Purchase Your Favorite Video Games

Video games are known as the most popular way to spend time. These games are very popular among youngsters. We at provide a wide range of video games within a pocket-friendly price. We have GameSir F2, FIFA 15 for PlayStation, Batman, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, Diablo 3 and many more games. These are available in a 3D format and if you want to play 2D games, these are also available here. To get the video games, choose them under the Electronics section. You can also filter them by using price bar. Our megastore is full of these games and you can surely get them according to your desire.