Returns & Refunds


The Seller shall strictly follow our refund and return policy as stated at of the Site, in cases whereby Products distributed via and sold via and on the Site are to be refunded and returned within the refund and return period starting from the date of receipt of the products by the buyer. According to the Mimelon return policy, Products must be returned in the original packaging and condition, in which they were purchased, delivered and received, by a buyer. The Mimelon customer support group will organize a delivery of the Product back to the Seller, and the Seller shall make a full and complete refund to the relevant customer at this point. The Seller shall always accept the return. In cases whereby a return results from factors other than a breach of any obligations on the Seller’s part, Mimelon shall not get any compensations through levying costs or penalties (unless  the Site Terms require otherwise). The Product will be returned to the Seller’s designated shipping address stated in the profile. If the designated shipping address stated in the Seller’s profile is no longer relevant or incorrect, of the Seller has failed to provide a designated shipping address in the Elected country, or there data provided by the Seller is insufficient for us to make arrangements to finance the delivery of the Product(s) that is subject to return, the Product(s) will be categorized as abandoned, and Mimelon will choose to dispose of them in a fashion permitted by the Applicable Law in the Elected Country. The Seller shall compensate for any and all product storage, return and disposal costs incurred by us. Mimelon reserves the right to dispose of Products at its sole discretion, and the Seller will be deemed to have consented to the practice, in cases whereby Mimelon deems these Products as ones that pose health, safety and liability risks to Mimelon personnel or any third party. As we dispose of such Products, we receive a title to such Products at no costs, and we shall retain all benefits, if any, received from the disposal process.

Unless Products are fulfilled according to the Other Service terms, the Seller shall accept any and all refunds, process cancellations, adjustments and returns, as required by the refund and return policy presented on the Site and applying to Our Services and Products sold via the Site, with the help of the functions that are available to you via your account. We reserve the right to accept, process and calculate refunds, returns and cancellations in our customers’ benefit with all your obligations intact, at our full discretion. The Seller shall direct any and all payments resulting from the return of his/her Products, to customers, with the help of the respective Mimelon Contracting party through the Site. All payments to our customers are made in a manner determined by us, and the Seller shall reimburse Mimelon for any payment made by Mimelon. Also, Mimelon may deduct relevant amounts from the Seller’s account.