Samsung 50" UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7

Samsung 50" UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7

Samsung 50" UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7
Samsung 50" UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7
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  • Brand name: Samsung
  • Model: Samsung 50" UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7
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Product description

TV displays comprise millions of pixels — small coloured dots that form the images we see. The more pixels a TV display has, the sharper the image. Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD screen boasts 4 times the pixels of a FHD TV**, giving you images that are sharper and more crisp, revealing the tiniest details in every scene.

A Samsung UHD TV produces rich, saturated images because every single one of its 8.3 million pixels provides full colour performance from red, green and blue (RGB) elements. Unlike other UHD screens that use the RGBW pixel structure, the Samsung RGB UHD TV does not dilute the picture quality. Every scene you see projects the full clarity, colour, and brightness of the picture.
The most advanced HDR technology on the market, HDR 10+ optimises every scene from frame to frame for a more remarkable HDR expression. Whether it’s the latest TV series or an award-winning movie you’re watching, HDR10+ technology brings the vision of the content creator to life. Turn on your TV and get into the thick of the onscreen action instantly!
Nothing captures the vivid details and colours like the Samsung UHD does, thanks to PurColour. PurColour allows the TV to express as many shades of colour possible for optimal picture performance. While most TVs focus on the adjustment points of primary colours Red, Green and Blue, PurColour focuses on primary and secondary colours Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow. From action flicks to art films, dramas to documentaries, PurColour brings the richness of the story to life in every frame.
UHD dimming scans a wide swathe of the entire image on screen, automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast to deliver the deepest blacks and brightest whites. The screen is also divided into blocks to optimise colour and sharpness. The ‘halo’ effect and any image distortion are virtually eliminated, giving you crystal clear pictures — and the ultimate viewing pleasure.
Slim Design
Modern and polished, the sleek and stylish Samsung UHD TV naturally fills the contours of your space with refined elegance.
Smart Hub in Samsung UHD TV opens the gateway into a world of advanced features, and a plethora of entertainment. Smart Hub changes the way you consume content on your Samsung UHD TV. The intuitive search feature allows you browse and select movies, TV shows quickly and easily. Plus, you can browse the web, download other Samsung apps, chat with friends and discover other types of new, interactive TV content. With Smart Hub, you get a complete home entertainment centre in your Samsung UHD.