HUAWEI Watch GT 3 PRO SmartWatch Silver Ceramic

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 PRO SmartWatch Silver Ceramic

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 PRO SmartWatch Silver Ceramic
HUAWEI Watch GT 3 PRO SmartWatch Silver Ceramic
Manufacturer Huawei
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  • Brand name: Huawei
  • Model: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 PRO SmartWatch Silver Ceramic
  • Size: 45mm
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Product description

Arm Yourself with Charm

The watch's Seamless titanium body is where sporty meets business casual, with clear-cut lines and contours that summon new sensations, and speak to your sense of style. Seamless titanium body, with precision-cut edges and corners that work all the angles. Sapphire watch dial,3 durable and scratch-proof in daily life, and off the beaten path Titanium rotatable crown, shimmers and glimmers with each turn of the wrist. ECG button, for anytime heart health monitoring. Nanocrystalline ceramic rear cover, to make skin-soothing comfort your new normal.

Explore New Wonders Underwater

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro comes with IP68 and 5 ATM ratings for water resistance, and has withstood a staggering 200 water pressure cycles, so that it supports free dives as deep as 30 meters, making it the perfect companion for all of your undersea adventures.6 Dive in to Safer Waters The watch displays diving data in real time, including the speed, depth, and duration of dives. HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Titanium Diving Data It features airtight safety reminder settings, like automatic reminders if you descend too deep or for too long.

Get Ready to Take the Plunge

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Titanium Diving TraningThe watch is capable of recording diving data such as diving duration and depth curve, making your progress traceable and visible. The Apnea training mode records your heart rate, breath holding duration, and the start time of diaphragm contraction, to help increase how long you can hold your breath,7 so that you'll be better prepared for advanced underwater challenges

100+ Workout Modes

With over 100 workouts to choose from — running, cycling, mountain climbing, indoor swimming, skiing, and beyond — you can hit the open road, or blaze a new trail, with just a tap on the screen! Data-driven running metrics including running ability index, training pressure, and training load, and tips help you maximize performance without overtaxing your body, and sharable running routes put your prowess on full display!

Become a King of Swing

The watch records professional swing data such as the swing speed, swing tempo, backswing time, and downswing time, and provides Driving range mode that follows your swing down to the last detail, with handy demos and tips to take your golf game to new heights!

Watch Your Health

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro has brought heart health management to a new level, and supports a whole host of smart features, including ECG analysis,1 heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress monitoring, so that you can stay proactive and informed about your health.

ECG Analysis that Doesn't Miss a Beat

he ECG app packs a high-performance ECG sensor module, which provides single-lead ECG measurements, real-time analysis, and sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation, and premature atrial and ventricular beat reminders*, to stay informed and proactive about major heart health-related risks. New and improved electrode technology has made ECG signal collection more accurate and responsive, with the addition of PVD-coated electrodes on the curved, transparent sapphire caseback, resulting in a comfortable, skin-tight fit. Just touch the electrode on the side for 30 seconds, real-time result can be shown on your watch after the measurement. Robust battery life and fast charging will have your watch raring to go, whenever you need it. The watch has a 30% increased charging speed, and allows you to charging 25% in 10 short minutes, or 100% in just 85 minutes,11 and wear it for a full 14 days2 before needing another boost! 14days Battery life for typical usage2 8days Battery life for heavy usage11 When modern technology meets classic ceramic craftsmanship, the stylish creation unveils a timeless aesthetic, making it a refreshing fashion statement on your wrist.

A Showstopper Sure to Shine

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Ceramic ID Creative Shot The distinguishing white ceramic case is unforgettable at first glance. This timepiece has undergone an extreme high temperature of 1500°C, and is finished by diamond powder polishing to achieve pure-white and flawless texture — fascinating to the eyes, also breathable and comfortable on the wrist. Nanocrystalline Ceramic Body Sapphire watch dial3 Shimmering white nano-ceramics accompanied by sapphire crystal glass dial, here is a unique look to thrive on any occasions Shell-Printed Stainless Steel Bezel Inspired by the ripples of time, 24 shell curves rise and fall, witnessing the change of day and night. Spherical Ceramic Rotatable Crown Metal ECG Button A carved stainless steel crown incorporates sleek coloured metal ECG pusher, with a spherical ceramic embedding on one side to add a touch of stereoscopic elegance. Integrated CaseBack High-transmitting sapphire glass3 makes high-precision sensor measurements more accurate and is integrated with the ceramic materials for a neatly-fit and comfortable wear. Timeless Looks,Endless Charm Leather StrapOffered in light gold bezel on white ceramic strap, and silver bezel on a white leather strap,4 both can make a difference with all-time charm. Change with Classic Chic Explore an array of unique dial faces, especially the exclusive "Day and Night" theme that changes with sunrises and moon phases. The watch also supports screen-off time display, custom face design from your phone gallery and other features. Find out more designs available from Huawei Watch Face Store.5


HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Ceramic Health ECG

Smart Heart Rate Monitoring, with Real-Time Alerts HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology deploys eight photoelectric sensors in a ring formation, to capture enhanced signals. An all-new algorithm filters out interference, for meticulously heart rate monitoring. You can even monitor your heart rate on a 24/7 basis, with real-time alerts whenever your heart rate strays from its normal range.