ECOVACS DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner✅

ECOVACS DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black

ECOVACS DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black
ECOVACS DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black
Manufacturer Roborock
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      Length 60 cm
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Product details
  • Brand name: Roborock
  • Model: ECOVACS DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black
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Product description
  • Innovative Cleaning Solution: Equipped with the latest technology and latest features. Accurate edge cleaning up to 1mm increments through improved corner and corner cleaning range and proper automatic obstacles Zero-Tangle technology is a dual comb construction that prevents hair and pet hair from tangling
  • Powerful Cleaning Power: The advanced suction power of 11,000 Pa is equipped with a water cleaning function. Equipped with OZMO Turbo 2.0, the pressurized rotating dual electric mop and continuous refilling of mop water during cleaning work. The next generation of cleaning power is particularly effective when cleaning carpet
  • (A New Cleaning Experience with Advanced AI Technology) The clever and smart 3D Object Avoidance System allows you to clean it with confidence. TrueMapping 2.0 mapping technology Accurately memorize room spacing and efficiently clean every corner. When the carpet is detected during cleaning, the mop will automatically lift up. Cleans carpet without wetting
  • 【Minimal Maintenance】 Removable base plate and upgraded filtration structure ensure long-time maintenance free operation. Eliminates the annoying of floor cleaning
  • Define a new cleaning experience: Foot touch control allows for easy hands-free operation. With a light touch of your bumper, you can easily start cleaning your entire house or resume your cleaning program. Equipped with unique voice assistant "YIKO". Voice control of robot vacuum cleaner. 3 microphones for high-sensitivity voice recognition for advanced hands-free cleaning Smooth Bluetooth connectivity allows easy pairing with mobile devices without Wi-Fi